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Professional Portfolio for Marketing Content

Graphic design and marketing work.

I really do enjoy dabbling in everything. Recently, I have done graphic design for some companies. Below are some examples of ads, flyers, and website design.

Graphic Design and Marketing: Welcome

Graphic Design Works

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The graphics below are all commissioned images for paper and online ads, blog post images, and logos/business cards. If you are interested in my references or services feel free to reach out to me.  

Graphic Design and Marketing: Portfolio

Websites I have Designed

The following is a collection of the latest websites I have built and designed for clients. I always say "I'm not a coder," most of my website design services are focused on addressing current problems or for small companies. However, combined with my team we can take on larger website development projects.  Feel free to contact me if you want references or would be interested in my website services. I have built several personal pages in the past and I am familiar with Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace. 

Graphic Design and Marketing: Work

The River Woods Out Reach Church

June, 2021

This is a great place to showcase a sample of your written work or write a short description about your project. Did you collaborate on a print or multimedia project? If so, dazzle your visitors with images and video. Make sure to include a link to the full live project or document so readers can enjoy the entire piece.

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