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My Team

I'm fortunate to work with a great team of tech and web developers to connect my clients with extra services they might need and elevate my range of abilities. Each one of my team members and I have joint services we can offer in addition to their personal freelance work. Contact us to get in touch today! 


Kate Couch

Content Developer and Marketing Specialist 

Kate is the lead content developer for Kate Couch Freelance. She has a wide range of abilities and can create website content, social media posts, or formal advertising for businesses. She also works with James and Donovan in creating graphic design, video, photography, and other tech and website content and development. Between Kate, her team, and other contacts-- if it has to do with writing, marketing, and tech, Kate Couch Freelance has got you covered.

James Hall

IT Tech Specialist and Client Tech and Web Advisor

James offers freelance technology assistance for businesses. He integrates new technologies and creates modern efficiency for businesses. James and Kate together can transform your social media, web, and brand presence. Step up your business today and contact us


Donovan Snider

Executive Photographer and Videographer

With years of experience in photography, video, graphic design, writing, voice-over, and music production, Donovan can cover any of your content creation needs. He has a keen eye for detail, bringing your story to life on screen with clarity and artistry. Together Donovan and Kate create compelling narratives for film and photography. Elevate your brand with high-quality media by contacting us today.

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