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Portfolio of Work

From Content to News Articles

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Content Creation

Below are some of the pertinent websites I have made content for.

The Vegetable Man Produce

For The Vegetable Man, I helped design and layout their E-commerce website, in addition to creating all their content.

JIMCO Electrical

For JIMCO I wrote and created all their website content.

The Broadside

I wrote weekly content for The Broadside's marketing side of their publication.

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Articles are not something I do as much as technical writing and content creation, however, sharing stories in this way will always have room in my schedule.

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"Alexa Clean Out My Desk"

June, 2021

The Science Behind the Strings

October, 2020

The Silence of the Lam(p)s

February, 2021

You’re not listening

October, 2020

Gen-Z in the Workplace

February, 2021

Almost Practically Perfect...

December, 2018

Behind the Diagnosis

January, 2021

A large portion of my work is ghostwriting content for marketing, meaning much of my work can not always be shown. If you have any questions on whether or not I can help you, reach out to me!

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